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e-commerce solutions

Custom Software Development

E-commerce development

Using the best tools and technologies to achieve the results, such as Python, Django, Scrapy, Celery, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Saleor, Django Oscar, AI/ML, OCR, Web Crawling, and Data Science.

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  • E-commerce apps

    Build a customized, highly scalable online e-commerce app with custom business logic using Python, Django, Django Oscar or Saleor.

  • API

    Integrate with a CRM, ERP, accounting software, marketplaces, analytical tools, and other software using API.

  • Data crawlers

    Create web data crawlers to scrape information all over the Internet, process and transform the data, use automation for your business needs.

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Takeoff Technologies

An e-grocery solution that uses an automated software platform to help grocers thrive in e-Commerce.

TakeOff automates grocery fulfillment and helps grocers to lower their last-mile and assembly costs. They needed to quickly implement a few tooling projects and since they had lack of development capacity, they were looking for good and affordable developers to build a tool which would replace their process for taking photos of actual products that are sold in groceries and then displayed in magazines. The software that we developed today takes between 1-3 seconds for a shot, so the client could make around 28.8K-86.4K photos in a day with only one camera.

The major issues that the customer had initially was big uploading times from camera, and non-efficient image processing. The client introduced to us a robot, which would take the photos of about 100.000 products. Our job was to create a solution that automated this entire process. The actual camera is operated by an Android phone, for which we built an Android app which gets all necessary settings via API, sets up a camera, gets a photo, does some pre-processing rotation, zooming/scaling, improvements of brightness, contrast, etc)., and send the photos into the cloud.

Then another app that we built picks up the photos and puts them into internal pipelines to process, review and cancel/submit the photos for production use. Today it takes between 1-3 seconds for a shot, so the client could make around 28.8K-86.4K photos in a day with only one camera.

Pretty Green

An online UK-based designer shop

Pretty Green is a fashion brand founded by Liam Gallagher, one of the most iconic frontmen in rock. They provide simple, classic clothing with a modern twist. At the time we started development their e-commerce solution prettygreen.com was built using Python/Django and was based on Satchmo framework. We were working mostly on the backend as they had some serious performance issues and lack of a few important feature like A/B testing, PayPal integration in their pipeline, and some bugs here and there.

Overall we closed over 500 tickets, implemented many new features like A/B testing for product and category pages, a buyline, PayPal integration, fixed a few hundreds of bugs, significantly optimized the code and helped them to prepare and launch PrettyGreen.com. So when they were announced on MTV we could easily keep the application up during its peak loads. The servers that we supported had daily average load between 1ppm and 60ppm. That translates to 2-200 app requests per minute for one server. Our target was to keep server response time below 400ms and apdex score above 0.7.

Also we built for them a Japaneese version of the web site.

Eventually they switched from Satchmo to Saleor, because Satchmo was not supported anymore, and Saleor allowed to improve the product further to maintain much higher traffic. As a result they there has been a marked increase in conversions and revenue.


A high-end fashion e-commerce app

ModeWalk is a traditional eCommerce site with a focus on high end women's fashion, a stylist portal that helps wardrobe stylists work with their clients.

The main feature of the stylist portal was the ability to create & send selection emails - collections of products that the stylist is recommending to their clients. They were delivered via email and the client could click through them to visit the product page and add products to their shopping bag.

The app was built using Python and Django, and it used Satchmo underneath. It was heavily customized to extend the product information and other eCommerce aspects. They needed to enhance their development capacity to quickly add new features, refactor the existing code, add some tests, and make UI changes to improve the UX.

We have implemented for them external products and retailers, improved the product page and added external products, modified the catalog, improved the checkout process for non-US customers, added additional delivery details to make the UX better. Then we implemented a few web crawlers to scrape information from other web sites using Scrapy framework.


Research publication platform & CRM for the financial industry

Opimas is a management consultancy focused on capital markets, serving leading financial institutions around the world. Each month they publish new research, covering a particular topic. Each publication is available in different formats, including HTML, but also Excel, Word, PDF, Powerpoint, and Video. Clients access the research by subscribing to one of Opimas services, and they typically receive access to all of the research published within that service over the course of one year.

They wanted to build an online e-commerce solution to sell their products that had also a custom CMS, an integrated CRM and an administration panel.

Solutions like Wordpress and WooCommerce did not meet their requirements so we have built  https://opimas.com from scratch using Python and Django, and we launched it in less than 5 months.

The research platform has helped Opimas to distinguish the business from other competitors, securing new clients in the process.


An independent marketplace and information platform focused specifically on the mattress category

Basically goodbed.com is a database of mattresses and their reviews, it has deep integration with manufacturers and online sellers. GoodBed helps their customers to find a buy the right mattress.

The company's success heavily relies on the technology that was developed and is widely used in their product. The whole solution consists of many different projects tied together to support different aspects of the business.

At the times they had a small team of developers and they were looking for an outsourcing partner as their needs in software development were much higher than the existing team could handle. We were hired by GoodBed and helped them finish and implement mission critical projects for the entire business.

The technology stack we worked with was based on Python and Django on the backend, Angular and later React on the frontend. And we used a lot of Scrapy for web crawling.

Overall we closed over 900 tickets to implement new features for their back office, mattress matching functionality, smart configurable crawlers, product reviews, UI improvements, administration interface, dashboards, and the most recent development - an integrated review widget for partners and online mattress sellers.

Supply Day 360

B2B SaaS solutions for Supply Chains

42 Coffee Cups has recently helped a US-based supply chain software company Supply Day 360 to develop several B2B SaaS products that they could sell to their customers in the US.

The first idea was to create a universal solution that can be easily deployed for each new customer. The client came to us with a prototype which needed some fixes, so we started with writing unit tests for existing functionality, improved code structure, added automatic checks and inspected for potential security issues before the product was released.

The product is a standalone procurement, inventory management, and invoice match solution. It provides advanced functionality like side-by-side supplier price and availability comparison, AI assisted dashboards, and Kanban with lot & expiration date controls. Overall, it increases productivity, provides immediate cost savings, provides clients with real-time integrated barcode label printing, EDI, and actionable analytics.

So far, we’ve helped to develop several SaaS solutions around e-commerce, procurement, inventory management, and accounts payable.

The most recent development was about adding e-commerce functionality into an existing app. We developed a complete app to sell products online and integrated it into the existing code base. The developed solution can be easily replicated and deployed as a SaaS instance for as many clients as needed. Some of the features include a shopping cart, customer specific pricing, back orders, partial fulfillment, payment processing with Stripe, tax handling, data import, PDF packing slip generation, custom registration and catalog pricing logic specific to the nature of the end client's business. The project was completed in very tight deadline and budget limits. Now it's been beta tested and it is getting ready to go live soon.

We have also developed other cool e-commerce solutions like ad boards, online stores, SaaS solutions, and implemented many e-commerce like features in other projects not directly related to e-commerce in Real Estate, Education, Finances, Hosting and Internet services, Collaborative platforms, startups with enterprise apps, Health-tech and Blockchain.

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We use a pretty broad stack of technologies to meet your business requirements. Usually we work with the listed below stuff, yet we're not limited by it and we always look for best tools for a job.

Infrastructure & DevOps

✅ Docker
✅ Kubernetes
✅ Amazon AWS
✅ Google Cloud Platform
✅ Microsoft Azure
✅ Oracle Kubernetes
✅ Scaleway
✅ Ansible
✅ Nginx
✅ Gunicorn / uWSGI / ASGI
✅ Barista
✅ Drone


✅ Python
✅ Django
✅ FastAPI
✅ Flask
✅ Django Rest Framework
✅ GraphQL
✅ Celery
✅ Redis


✅ PostgreSQL
✅ MySQL / MariaDB
✅ Google Firebase
✅ CouchDB
✅ MongoDB
✅ SQLite


✅ JavaScript
✅ TypeScript
✅ jQuery
✅ Bootstrap
✅ React / Redux
✅ Vue.js
✅ Apache ECharts
✅ D3.js


✅ Complex Order Workflows
✅ Back Orders
✅ Partial Fulfillment
✅ Purchase Orders
✅ Pricing and Discounts
✅ Data Import / Export
✅ Branding
✅ Customer Specific Pricing
✅ Reports
✅ Analytics


✅ Scaleway Functions
✅ AWS Lambda
✅ Google Cloud Functions


✅ Figma
✅ Zeplin
✅ Invision

E-commerce Frameworks

✅ Django Oscar
✅ Saleor
✅ Satchless
✅ django-shopping-cart
✅ Shuup


✅ Stripe
✅ PayPal
✅ FastSpring
✅ Braintree
✅ Adyen
✅ Authorize.NET
✅ Mollie
✅ Extend
✅ RazorPay
✅ Amazon Pay
✅ Crypto-currencies (Bitcoin)


✅ OpenID Connect
✅ Okta
✅ Auth0
✅ Microsoft Azure AD
✅ Keycloak
✅ Multi-factor Authentication


✅ CRM (Pipedrive, Zoho, Close, Hubspot, etc)
✅ ERP (OpenERP, Odoo, etc)
✅ Data Analytics & Visualization (Tableu, Qlik, Spotfire, Microstrategy, Board)
✅ Accounting (Quickbooks Online, NetSuite, MS Dynamics 365 Business Central, Xero)
✅ E-commerce (Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart Marketplace, Jetti, BigCommerce)


✅ Django CMS
✅ DatoCMS
✅ Storyblok
✅ Strapi
✅ Contentful


✅ EasyPost
✅ ShipStation


✅ Zapier


✅ Avalara (US)
✅ Vatlayer (EU)


✅ React Native


✅ Algolia
✅ Google Merchant Center
✅ Apache SOLR
✅ Elasticsearch

Web Crawling

✅ Scrapy
✅ BeautifulSoup


✅ Theano
✅ Keras
✅ TensorFlow
✅ scikit-learn

Data Science

✅ Pandas
✅ Numpy
✅ Polars
✅ Dask

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